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Android Smart TV Upgrade

CAN$ 140.50 Incl. VAT

Upgrade your Evervue TV to the newest Android TV.

  • Simply replace the TV box located on the back of your Evervue product and enjoy the latest Android upgrades.
  • Upgrade available for all Ocea PRO Smart Bathroom TVs, MirrorVue mirror TV, QAIO The Smarter Mirror, DecoVue Framed Smart TV, CabiTV CT-100 & CT-200, Cosmos Outdoor TV, Cinema Smart TV and Spectrum Smart TV. (Ocea Style Bathroom TV cannot take advantage of this Android Upgrade).
  • Suitable for the above mentioned products and must be shipped after 2015. If you aren’t sure that your Evervue product qualifies for an Android TV upgrade, please reach out to us.

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